Organic Molecules + Some Basic Review

Reflecting back on the week, I discovered something: I am still really confused on macromolecules. So, I decided to really focus in on identifying the four different macromolecules, and here are summaries of each. DNA is found in the nucleus There are 4 different types of macromolecules: Nucleic Acids Essentially DNA and RNA Nucleotides are… Continue reading Organic Molecules + Some Basic Review

The Molecular Origins of Life!

The Molecular Origins of Life: 1.D.1    1.D.2 Replication Pros: DNA molecule’s primary function is replication and it carries out a variety of chemical reactions required for metabolism DNA encodes info The structure makes it easy to pass info to descendants In order to replicate, DNA needs proteins RNA is the original life molecule It… Continue reading The Molecular Origins of Life!