Anaerobic cellular respiration vs. aerobic cellular respiration: To my understanding, there are 3 main types of cellular respiration: Anaerobic, Aerobic, and fermentation. Aerobic respiration takes place in the presence of oxygen, and produces the most ATP in the cycle from one molecule of glucose compared to the others. The chemical formula for glucose going through… Continue reading Cellula(r)espiration

Loads o’ Cell Signaling

This week was mainly focused on the concept of cell signaling and additionally cellular respiration. We first started with a diabetes and insulin packet about cell signaling. Not gonna lie, it was a little cheesy. But it had some good information buried in there. Basically, a cell signaling pathway (3.D.2 and 3.D.3) has four essential… Continue reading Loads o’ Cell Signaling

Cells, Cells, And More Cells!

These past couple weeks have been focused on the basic structure of the cell. Let’s set down the requirements for the cell. All cells have a plasma membrane and a cytosol (the watery part in a cell) The all also have phospholipids, chromosomes in form of DNA, and ribosomes There are two main types of… Continue reading Cells, Cells, And More Cells!