More Than a Standard Error

First Lesson of the Week

Through this first week and a half of school, I realized that I’m going to be doing a lot of reviewing and remembering from freshmen year biology. I think it will take me a while to get back into the groove of biology-thinking.

The first part of this week started out with a pretty rocky quiz– I think the part that got me most confused was the idea of standard error and deviation. Even after watching the videos linked to the biology page, I was still confused. After taking the quiz on tuesday and returning home, I looked at this link that really helped clear things up.

One thing that was interesting to do was the AMY1 lab. This was also an eye-opening lab because I realized that I did not/don’t still really know how to work the excel program. I am not a super technological person, but I hope to improve in this aspect over time.

However, I did discover how to graph data through excel! (This isn’t my photo but it demonstrates my understanding of how to graph data).excel-graph

Second Part of the Week

Thursday was (I think) the first real day of AP Biology. Here, I learned about natural selection and evolution, specifically through the lizard video. It was definitely interesting to relearn some of the natural selection phenomenon that happens within our world today.

As shown through the lizard video, I learned that natural selection is a major mechanism of evolution, which demonstrates 1.A.1 in Big Idea 1. Natural selection causes species to change and be better suited to adapt to the environment. Through natural selection, species change their behaviors, characteristics, and/or survival techniques which therefore allows a specie to evolve.  I did continuously ask myself these questions; does natural selection occur through mutations? How do these species adapt?  Do the species purposely do it or is it random?

The last activity this week was to start the lizard evolution lab. Although I didn’t get far, my only thought on it was how tedious it was to count all those scales on their feet.

In conclusion, I realized I need to work on understanding excel a little more and to really review the basic knowledge of biology I learned back in freshmen year. I could use a nice refresher of all the biology vocabulary so I can use the terms in future labs and discussions.


Additional Questions:

Were the AMY1 lab and the lizard lab related at all? Was the lessons on learning to put data in excel and graph just a prerequisite to future labs?

What is the difference between phenotype and genotype? (Kind of a stupid question but I can never decipher the difference)


2 thoughts on “More Than a Standard Error

  1. If I remember correctly, a genotype is exactly what it sounds like. That is, it is the genetic makeup of an organism. A phenotype refers to observable traits, such as height. A genotype may cause a phenotype. I like to think that ‘genotype’ is a deeper level of ‘phenotype’, or that a phenotype refers to a house and a genotype refers to the house plan.


  2. hey audrey, great post! I agree that this past week has been a good review of freshman biology, and that I too had forgotten a lot of stuff. And that statistics page you linked is really helpful, I too was confused on standard deviation and standard error. I think that the AMY1 lab and the lizard lab are definitely related because they both have to do with how different species change depending on their need to survive in a given environment. Have a great week!


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